Erasteel at the 39th Fastmarkets International Ferroalloys Conference

How to design a more responsible and sustainable steel industry?

From 19th to 21st November, Erasteel had the privilege of taking part in the 39th Fastmarkets International Ferroalloys Conference in Prague.

Our team’s participation in the panel “The Voice of the Customers: meeting the Demands of Steel Mills” covering topics such as quality and specifications, supply Chain and sourcing, technology and innovation, sustainability, and environmental impact.

 An opportunity for Erasteel to share its innovative vision and its offers focused on sustainability:

  • High-Speed Steels with a low carbon footprint
  • Recycling of metal wastes into non-ferrous alloys (FeNi, FeNiMo, FeCoMo): our advanced low carbon emission technology preventing strategic metals from ending up in landfills and preserving scarce resources by offering them a second life 

In a context where environmental requirements are changing rapidly, Erasteel is committed to anticipating these changes. Our company offers its customers responsible solutions responding to emerging environmental requirements such as CBAM (Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism) that will shape the markets and strategies of today and tomorrow.

Discover our recycling activity: Recycling – Erasteel.