Thanks to a long tradition and devoted personnel, Erasteel has achieved a high standard of quality and experience in the processing of Powder Metallurgy steels and High-Speed Steel. A policy of continuous investments enables Erasteel to use the latest technologies in order to improve quality and productivity and develop new products in line with customers' needs. The company has established strong positions on high added -value products and serves the tooling, the automotive, the aerospace, the energy and other industrial markets.

Erasteel has 6 production sites, as well as 6 service centers and 12 sales offices on all continents.



XV Sweden

Creation of Vikmanshyttan Steel Factory

Reports state that at that time, steel manufacturing has already begun

XV Sweden

Creation of Langshyttan Factory with two blast Furnaces

Reports state that at that time, 2 blast furnaces have been installed. The plant is run by 32 local farmers.

1676 Sweden

Creation of Söderfors anchor production

Claes Depken establishes an anchor forge at Söderfors. He had invented a method of forging new anchors with use of hydro powered hammers.

XVII Sweden

Langshyttan : Rolling mill installation

Installation of 5 hammer mills and production of pig iron and bar iron which were sent to the harbours to be exported.

1846 France

Creation of Iron Factory in Commentry

Start of the metallurgical activities in Commentry due to the presence of coal and iron mines in the area.

1861 Sweden

Langshyttan : Construction of a blast furnace of 15m height

Construction of a new 15-meter high blast furnace, the largest one in Sweden at the time

1871 Sweden

Langshyttan becomes Kloster AB

Kloster AB is formed with the merger of Kloster and small mills located near-by. A period of heavy investment follows (blooming mill, cold rolling mill, etc.)

1915 Sweden

VikmanshyttanInstallation of a new furnace for the production of high-speed steels

Installation of a new melting plant for high speed steel and in 1922, creation of the company Wikmanshytte Bruks AB

1916 France

Creation of Acier de Champagnole

Creation of the Champagnole steelworks

1927 Sweden

Kloster AB becomes Fagersta Bruks

Fagersta Bruks is founded and the investments go on. Around 800 employees worked in the factory in the 60s.

1956 France

Creation of Iron Factory in Commentry : specialized in High Speed Steel

The plant has specialized in the manufacturing of high speed steel products.
Creation of the company “Société Commentryenne des aciers fins”

1966 Sweden

Acquisition de Söderforset Vikmanshyttan par Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags AB

Acquired by Stora

The company is purchased by Stora Kopparberg and starts producing high steel strips.

In 1969 : World first powder atomization

1976 Sweden

Acquisition de Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags ABacquise par Uddeholm

Acquired by Uddeholm

The company is purchased by Uddeholm

Acquired by Uddeholm
1982 Sweden

Fusion de Kloster AB et de Kloster AB pour former Kloster Speedsteel

Merger with Kloster Speedsteel AB

Uddeholm and Fagersta put together their plants of Söderfors, Vikmanshyttan, Långshyttanand Österbybruk to form Kloster Speedsteel.

1984 France

Acquisition de Acier de Champagnole par Kloster Speedsteel

Acquired by Kloster Speedsteel AB

Kloster Speedsteel purchases the Champagnole activities.

1990 France

Acquisition de l’usine de fer à Commentry par Eramet

Acquired by Eramet

The company is bought by ERAMET, a French mining group

1992 Sweden

Acquisition de l’usine de fer à Commentry par Eramet

Acquired by Eramet

ERAMET purchases Kloster Speedsteel and merges it with La Commentryenne to form Erasteel.

1992 Sweden

Acquisition de l’usine de fer à Commentry par Eramet

Acquired by Eramet

ERAMET purchases Kloster Speedsteel and merges it with La Commentryenne to form Erasteel.


Creation of Erasteel

ERAMET purchases Kloster Speedsteel and merges it with La Commentryenne to form Erasteel.

1995 france

New ESH process for powder metallurgy 

ESH reduces the content of oxide inclusions in the steel to the level of ESR-material

2001 Country

Acquisition of Peter Stubs, UK

ERAMET buys Peter Stubs company


New Dvalin™ process for powder metallurgy with exceptional cleanlines

Dvalin™ process : additional 90% of non-metallic inclusions removed

2011 Country

Opening of Durin, the world’s largest gas-atomizer in Söderfors, Sweden

Production capacity reaches 14,000 tons

2014 Country

Integration of VALMET's project

Transfer of industrial tools from the Palais sur Vienne and Feurs sites to the Erasteel site in Commentry, in the department of Allier (03), France

2019 Country

50 years of expertise in high speed steels powder metallurgy  & it's not the end! ASP®50years


2021 Country

Valdi becomes Erasteel Recycling

Erasteel Recycling has developed a unique pyrometallurgical process enabling it:

  • to achieve a battery recycling efficiency rate of over 80%
  • to bring to market recycled alloys containing high levels of strategic metals 
  • to be the only company in the word capable of providing recycled Ferronickel,
  • to use of low carbon energy with one of the lowest carbon footprint in the world.
2023 Country

Erasteel acquisition by Syntagma Capital

Erasteel becomes a standalone company.