Milling Cutters

Milling covers many different machining operations and different types of tools and applications. Milling is one of the best ways of making intricate custom parts with high precision. Milling uses round cutting tools with varying number of cutting edges to remove material by feeding the milling cutter into the work piece while the cutter is rotating.

ASP® for Milling Cutters

Powder Metallurgy High-Speed Steel ASP® opens up new possibilities for milling cutters as the powder metallurgical steel offers a unique combination of hardness and wear resistance together with toughness. This allows for a long tool life, high reliability and good productivity. Tools made from ASP® can be used in difficult machining operations where other materials would suffer from chipping or fast wear, especially when machining tough aerospace grade materials with low machinability.

Modern PVD coating has allowed for large advances for most cutting tools and the same is true for milling cutters made from ASP®. The fine microstructure of ASP® and the good combination of toughness and hardness makes ASP® and excellent substrate for PVD coatings.

Milling cutter applications include:

  • end mills
  • dove tail cutters
  • angular cutters
  • t-slot cutters
  • shell end mills
  • side milling cutters
  • face milling cutters
  • corner-rounding cutters
  • milling inserts
Grades Applications Features


End mills, etc Intermediate between High-Speed Steel and carbide


Most milling applications Good combination of wear resistance and toughness


Most milling applications Good performance across with few compromises