Reamers, deburring tools and toolbits

High-Speed Steels have a good combination of material properties that suits a wide range of different tools and cutting applications. It is the combination of a high possible hardness at a relatively high toughness along with a good wear resistance that allows the high possible performance from the High-Speed Steel and especially the ASP® where these properties can be pushed even further.

Other High-Speed Steels applications

There are several different segments of High-Speed Steel cutting tools and the main segments are covered on different pages, but there are more several additional applications that also are suitable for High-Speed Steel and ASP®. Among them are reamers and tools made for finishing and enlarging holes to an accuracy not achievable by only drilling. For reamers, offering a stable material with good wear resistance and the ability to be sharpened is important. The hardness can also be detrimental to the life time of a reamer, which makes the ASP®2030 the standard grade for this application.

Deburring tools is another important tool family where High-Speed Steel can achieve high performance. Here it is the combination of wear resistance and hardness that is important for the post processing of machining and grinding operations creating burrs on tools. If left on the tools these burrs can be the starting point of fractures of the tool and flaking of coatings. Toolbits and inserts is another application where High-Speed Steel is used as prehardened blanks to be placed in holders for cutting operations such as turning. The relatively high toughness and wear resistance of the High-Speed Steel allows the toolbits to have some flexability and can take being handled manually.

Suitable solutions

High-Speed Steel and ASP® have properties that span over a large range. The hardness range spans from 58-70 HRC for the ASP® grades and the toughness all the way up to 250 J for the toughest ASP® grade. All ASP® offers great dimensional stability and isotropical properties which allow them to work in several different cutting tool applications. For further information on inquiries about specific tools, feel free to contact our technical support functions.

Other cutting tool applications for High-Speed Steel and ASP include:

  • reamers
  • tool bits
  • hole making tools
  • wood turning tools
  • deburring tools
Grades Applications Features


Toolbits, other cutting tools Highest alloyed Powder Metallurgy grade with superior wear resistance and hardness


Toolbits, other cutting tools Powder Metallurgy grade when high wear resistance and hardness is needed


Reamers, deburring tools, toolbits Standard Powder Metallurgy cutting grade with Co.

E M35

Deburring tools, other cutting tools High-Speed Steel grade with more wear restistance and hardness.

E M2

Deburring tools, tool bits Base High-Speed Steel grade