ASP® 2008

ASP® 2008 is a powder metallurgical tool steel whose unique analysis takes it to a new step by achieving a very good compromise between impact resistance, compressive strength and adhesive/abrasive wear resistance up to 64 HRC.

Datasheet :

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Chemical composition

C Cr Mo W Co V Nb
1.08 4.0 2.5 2.5 - 1.8 1.8


  • Europe : PMHS 3-3-2



Wear Resistance


Hot hardness


Heat treatment

Delivered Hardness

  • Soft annealed : 260 HB
  • Cold drawn : 10-40 HB
  • Cold rolled : 10-40 HB


ASP® 2008 is particularly recommended for tools that suffer mainly from mixed adhesive/abrasive wear and chipping/cracking. Such failure mechanism can occur with processed materials such as aluminium, austenitic stainless steels, mild steels, copper and with thick and/or Ultra High Strength Steels. ASP® 2008 is especially efficient in the below mentioned applications:

  • cold forging
  • blanking and forming
  • fine blanking
  • powder compaction
  • minting of coins
  • rolling rolls
  • rotary cutters
  • slitting knives
  • granulator knives
  • encapsulation

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