The ERAMET group has a long experience in the treatment of ores by hydro or pyrometallugic processes.
The recycling activity is complementary to its traditional activities.

Several industrial tools have been grouped together on the same industrial site, ERASTEEL in Commentry (France) to treat different types of industrial waste containing metals:

  • For the preparation of charges: agglomeration, calcination furnace, roasting furnace
  • For the production of non-ferrous alloys:
    • Arc furnace for melting metal elements
    • Submerged electrode furnace for the reduction of metal oxides
    • Converter (AOD) for refining alloys

All of these tools on a single site is a unique recycling solution in Europe for the recovery of metals contained in:

  • spent catalysts from the petroleum and petrochemical industry
  • the co-products of the iron and steel industry: scale, grinding, pickling baths, grinding muds …
  • pressed filter sludge or other residues from hydro-metallurgical processes
  • alkaline, saline, NiMH batteries.

Thanks to its long experience and the expertise provided by the ERAMET IDEAS research center, Erasteel Recycling remains open to study recycling of non-ferrous metals from other types of industrial waste.

Erasteel Recycling provides its partners with a sustainable response to the optimization of the life cycle of raw materials contained.