Obtaining the products you need with Erasteel.

Using the most advanced technology and in conformity with rigorous specifications, Erasteel produces High-Speed Steels and advanced alloys in a wide variety of grades and geometries. Chances are, there is an Erasteel product which will exactly match your requirements.

Erasteel production plants are located in Sweden (Söderfors, Långshyttan, Vikmanshyttan), in France (Commentry, Champagnole), in the United Kingdom and in the USA. The Erasteel sales network is active in 48 countries, with a network of 13 sales offices located around the globe.

Research & Development

R&D Organisation

  • Erasteel’s product development laboratory in Sweden staffed with highly experienced researchers
  • A network of universities an research institutes throughout the world R&D and technology uses 


  • Finite Element Analysis such as Abaqus, Deform and Computational Fluid Dynamics software Fluent
  • Thermodynamical modelling for grade design and production with Thermo Calc and MT-Data
  • Advanced observation and characterisation means, including Castaing Microprobe, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Differential Thermal Analysis/Scanning Calorimetry

In order to support customers both in their process and with product performance, Erasteel has developed knowledge in the field of:

  • heat-treatment including a vacuum  furnace dedicated for testing
  • cutting tool performance testing
  • mechanical testing such as fatigue, toughness and strength

Such facilities are critical for the design of new grades or products having the correct properties to meet an increasingly wide range of market demands.

Innovation and ASP®



Uniform microstructure puts ASP® on the cutting edge of performance

ASP® steels are produced by blowing molten steel with high pressure nitrogen gas jets to form tiny spherical droplets.

This process ensures a homogenous distribution of alloying elements and results in a uniform distribution of small particle carbides.


With the DvalinTM process, Powder Metallurgy  High-Speed Steel ASP® is the cleanest steel on the market today

ASP® is cleaned by an Electro Slag Heating process which eliminates 90 % of large non-metallic particles (inclusions)

A recent improvement, developed by Erasteel engineers and known as the Dvalin™ process, has reduced overall the number of inclusions by another 90 % and virtually eliminated larger ones.