Erasteel’s recycling efficiency in 2022! +80%

+80% recycling efficiency for Erasteel’s batteries recycling activity in 2022!

Each year, Erasteel carries out a review of its recycling efficiency to answer to the European Battery Directive.

The results have just been released! In 2022, Erasteel recycled more than 80% of the content of the alkaline saline and NiMH batteries received.

A much higher result compared to the traditional alternative processes which on average achieve efficiency of around 50%.

Indeed, thanks to a pyrometallurgical process that is unique in the world, Erasteel, through this recycling activity simultaneously gives life to 3 products:

  • ferronickel to produce Stainless Steel
  • zinc oxide
  • manganese slag to produce manganese alloys for carbon steel

Erasteel is the only company in the world to offer ferronickel from recycling!

A second life is offered to these metals, which are reintroduced into European metallurgy companies’ manufacturing cycles.

We offer a very low carbon recycling solution and meet the demand for green steel and a circular economy approach.

Together, let’s contribute to the preservation of natural resources!