Erasteel becomes the first producer of High-Speed Steels in the world to obtain EPD® certification!

Claiming a low carbon footprint is good, proving it is even better…

Erasteel has reached an important milestone in its journey towards sustainability and is proud to announce its EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) certification for both its conventional High-Speed Steels and its products from batteries and spent oil catalysts recycling. An EPD® project for Powder Metallurgical High-Speed Steels is also underway.

As the world’s first producer of High-Speed Steels to obtain EPD® certification, Erasteel is paving the way for a more sustainable steel industry.

Through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in compliance with the international ISO 14040/44 and ISO 14025 standards, these EPD® provide information on the environmental impact of our products ensuring transparency and accountability.

With Erasteel, sustainability and excellence go hand in hand. Thanks to its innovative approach, Erasteel has developed a range of products with a low carbon footprint while delivering exceptional performance and durability.

Erasteel’s ambition is clear: to become the European leader in the recycling of strategic metals and the world leader in the production of High-Speed Steels from 100% of recycled materials with the lowest carbon footprint. An ambition Erasteel is getting closer to as they are already made from more than 91% of recycled materials.

Let’s work together to preserve natural resources and shape a more sustainable future for industry!