Paris, March 18th, 2020

In the exceptional situation we are all currently experiencing, our key priority is to protect the staff on our production sites and to help limit the spread of the epidemic.

Teleworking is being used in as far as possible. On our sites, we are adapting working conditions in compliance with advice concerning personal distance and hygiene.

However, since the introduction of new lockdown measures at midday on Tuesday 17/03/2020, we need to further reinforce these measures to be able to address the legitimate concerns of our staff, subcontractors and service providers who need to continue working on-site, in addition to certain suppliers. Our customers are also all reacting in different ways, up to and including the interruption of deliveries.
We must take steps to adapt our business conditions to the inevitable constraints resulting from this new situation.
In these conditions, and against the backdrop of a rapidly developing context, in the short term our industrial activities in France can no longer be continued or can only be continued partially.

At this stage, our industrial activities out of France are functional (3 facilities in Sweden (Kloster), 1 facility in Great Britain (Stubs), 1 facility in China (Tianjin), 1 facility in the United States (Boonton – NJ). This situation may evolve.

For this reason, measures to temporarily interrupt our industrial operations may be introduced on a case-by-case basis from this week onwards, to be able to introduce new ways of organising our work enabling us to face these difficulties and to give our staff some reassurance concerning their working conditions.

Our objective is naturally to get back to normal as quickly as possible according to the developing situation.

This is a fast-changing situation and we will keep you regularly briefed.

Paris, March 13th, 2020

Dear partners, clients, suppliers,

Following the announcements made by the President of the French Republic yesterday evening, all our French sites are currently implementing their business continuity plan – cf our communication below from March 10th.

As of now, we are still operating normally and still delivering our products through regular international transportation channels (road, ports, airports) which operates normally from France.

We will keep you updated on any evolutions

Paris, March 10th, 2020

Dear partners, customers, suppliers,

Erasteel is taking action in view of the propagation of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and we would like to inform you of the preventive measures adopted by all of our sites, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and the French government with regard to our activities.


1 – Business continuity

  • To date, no case have been reported on our sites, and all of our industrial sites are operational. Our business operations have not been affected in a significant manner.
  • A coordination and monitoring unit has been put in place at the Eramet Group level and a mirror unit has been created for the High Performance Alloys Division of the Eramet Group, which Erasteel belongs to.
  • At this stage, Erasteel’s production capacity is unaffected. Deliveries/reception can continue subject to compliance with the access restrictions referred to below (see point n.2 below – “Implementation of access control to our sites”)
  • As the context of the epidemic is changing rapidly, it is however hard to make any predictions regarding possible impacts in the medium term.
  • On all Erasteel sites, we are currently working on business continuity plans to keep the company operational if the epidemic becomes more intense. These plans depend on each site identifying: the functions that are strictly essential to continue activity; people that can work as replacements for these functions if the job holder is unavailable; functions that can be performed remotely (working from home).

2 – Implementation of access control to our sites

  • In a general manner, we ask all people, employees, partners, customers or suppliers to limit business visits and to favor other means of communication for the time being.
  • Access to our sites is now controlled by a questionnaire attached to this letter and also available in all our sites ‘reception desks.
  • The access rules include:
    • In the past 15 days, any person who stayed or was in transit in a risk area and who had direct contact with an identified person suffering from coronavirus (tested positive by a health professional) and having symptoms (fever or cough)may be refused access to the site.
    • For deliveries/receptions, if the questionnaire has not been completed in advance, it must be filled in at the site reception desk. Depending on the answers, access to the site may be refused or preventive measures may be imposed: wearing a mask and gloves, access restricted to a specific area during delivery and reception.
    • This questionnaire depends on the honesty of the person completing it with the aim of hindering the propagation of the virus. Data will only be kept for the duration of the epidemic phase.


3 – Prevention measures adopted by Erasteel for all employees as well as all external people welcomed on our sites


(In English – – In Swedish –

  • Travel: missions to at-risk areas (presence of grouped infections) are to be cancelled or postponed. Consider the use of remote communication solutions.  
  • The fourteen-day quarantine period is maintained for any person that has been in contact with an infected person.

Download the Access Form to our sites here

Download the sanitary instructions issued by the French government here

Download the sanitary instructions issued by the Swedish government : ENSW