Evoloop® GRINDAMAX™ V3

Evoloop® GRINDAMAXTM V3 is a vanadium-based grade which has been developed to bridge the gap between conventional & PM high speed steels in terms of both performance and grindability. Its chemistry is a very effective combination of alloying elements allowing high wear resistance and excellent toughness .

Datasheet :

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Chemical composition

C Cr Mo W Co V
1.2 3.9 5.2 7 - 2.7


  • Europe : HS 7-5-3
  • Germany : 1.3347



Wear Resistance


Hot hardness


Heat treatment

Delivered Hardness

  • Soft annealed : 265 HB
  • Cold drawn : 290 HB
  • Cold rolled : 290 HB


Evoloop<sup>®</sup> GRINDAMAXTM V3 can be worked as follows:

  • machining (grinding, turning, milling)
  • polishing
  • hot forming
  • electrical discharge machining
  • welding (special procedure including preheating and filler materials of base material composition).

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