Evoloop® – The new brand name for our conventional High-Speed Steels range 

Evoloop - brand name of Erasteel’s conventional High-Speed Steels

Just a few days ago, we were thrilled to announce that Erasteel had become the world’s first producer of High-Speed Steels to obtain EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) certification, demonstrating its commitment to a more sustainable and transparent industry regarding its environmental footprint. 

Now it’s time to unveil the new brand name for our low carbon footprint range of conventional High-Speed Steels: Evoloop®  

Evoloop® symbolizes a virtuous loop that breathes new life into metals, an evolution towards more sustainable products, and a continuous progress for enhanced performance. 

All this together with a low carbon footprint, from 2 to 4 times lower compared to the alternative solutions, and products made from over 91% recycled materials that are 100% recyclable. Combined with a high level of quality and performance, and a lifetime of tools up to 10 times longer than some standard steel solutions. 

Make the difference with Evoloop® and experience the future of sustainable steel!