HSS and ASP® for sawing operations

Erasteel High Speed Steels are used to produce various bimetal and solid saws for sawing metals, wood and other materials. These saws are used either on machine-tools, on portable power tools and for manual sawing.

Applications include

  • Bandsaws
  • Power hacksaws
  • Segment saws
  • Hand hacksaws
  • Hole saws
  • Jigsaws
  • Sabre saws
  • Etc.

Erasteel recommendations

For saws, the material properties of High Speed Steel offer many advantages:


  • a high wear resistance, due to a high hardness and also a high hot hardness
  • an excellent toughness, giving saw blades a good impact resistance, necessary for reliability
  • optimum value for money for the end-users

For all sawing applications, Erasteel recommends ASP® 2042 and ASP® 2051.


ASP 2042 Brochure
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ASP 2042 - Data Sheet
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ASP 2051 Brochure
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ASP 2051 - Data Sheet
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Saw brochure
4 pages
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HSS Smart Guide - Sawing
18 pages. A document issued by the HSS Forum
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