Product Forms

Erasteel products are available in a wide range of shapes and chemical compositions, perfectly adapted to a wide variety of tooling and other applications.
The different geometries and product forms are available in various finishes: hot-rolled, drawn, peeled, ground, etc.

PowdersRound Bars
Ø 0.024’’ to 0,961’’
LINEA™ prehardened HSS blanks
Large flat bars
Width 1,575’’ to 18,5’’
Thickness 0,394’’ to 8,269’’
FlachstahlSmall flat bars
Width 0,38’’ to 3,42’’
Thickness 0,12’’ to 2,95’’
Profiled bars
Profiled edges
Width 0,0315’’ to 0,236’’
Thickness 0,2’’ to 0,104’’
Strips (cold rolled)
Width 0,236’’’ to 3,35’’
Thickness 0,16’’ to 0,157’’
Sheets (hot rolled)
Width 23,625’’ to 39,966’’
Thickness 0,039’’ to 0,59’’

New solutions, better performance, cost efficiency

Erasteel R&D teams are constantly working to create new products aiming at cost efficiency, improved performance and new applications.


LINEA™ Brochure
Linea™ prehardened HSS blanks. A 6 page leaflet
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