Erasteel to showcase at IMTS 2018

At the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2018 that will be held at Chicago from September 10th to 15th, 2018, Erasteel a world leader in the Powder Metallurgy High Speed Steels (PM-HSS) will presents its metallurgical know-how for the cutting tools industry.


It will be also an opportunity to showcase the ASP® 2078 its highest alloyed PM-HSS. ASP® is ERASTEEL’s new grade for the gear cutting applications to meet the market needs. ASP® 2078 is produced using the ASP® process, which ensures a clean and uniform material with small evenly dispersed carbides and no segregation or carbide streaks.


The combination of this refined structure with a high alloy content allows better cutting performances. Erasteel will showcase also its high performance profiled edge wire which can be welded by Laser welding technology or EB-welding technology for the production of high performance bandsaws and other bimetal saws.


Come visit us on booth : 431 593

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