Conversion Services

Hot rolling is one of the various conversion services offered by Erasteel

ERASTEEL - a partner to develop your product offer

Thanks to exceptional human skills and advanced equipment, Erasteel can offer you a wide range of conversion services.
At production sites in Europe, USA and China, conversion services are possible in the main hot and cold transformation & shaping activities of special grades.
A dedicated team will help you find the best industrial and economical solutions for your business and industrial development needs.
Key features

  • Experience in demanding alloys and processes
  • Flexibility and short production cycles even for small batches
  • Outstanding geometries
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified processes and ISO 9100 for special grades in sheets

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Conversion services offered worldwide

Söderfors, Sweden

  • EAF Recycling

Långshyttan, Sweden

  • Hot Rolling of Strip & Wire

Vikmanshyttan, Sweden

  • Cold Rolling of Strip

Commentry, France

  • EAF & AOD Recycling

  • Hot Rolling of Sheets

  • Drawing, grinding, annealing and inspection of Round Bars

  • Hot Rolling of Round bars & Wire

Champagnole, France

  • Forging of Round & Flat Bars

  • Hot Rolling of Flat Bars

  • Drawing of Flat Bars

  • Annealing

Warrington, UK

  • Drawing and Cold rolling of rectangular wire

Boonton, USA

  • Cold Drawing, grinding, annealing and inspection of Round Bars & Wire 

Tianjin, China

  • Cold Drawing of wire and Round Bars

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